CanadaGenWeb F.A.Q

The CanadaGenWeb Project was established in 1996 in an effort to assist the dissemination of genealogical information for Canada on the Internet. The Project is organized geographically. The National page (the one currently being viewed) links to the Provincial or Territorial pages, which link to the Regional pages, where the majority of the genealogical data can be found.

The CanadaGenWeb Project is supported entirely by volunteers and is intended to be a permanent home on the Internet for genealogical data pertaining to Canada.

Is it about...
- a specific place? Ask the GenWeb host that covers that area. Go first to the province or territory GenWeb, then the regional or local GenWeb.
- a specific person?  Post a query
- a general Canadian research question? Ask here

We cannot do research, but we're happy to give suggestions and pointers.  Most of our tips are posted throughout CanadaGenWeb so please take a moment to read what we've worked hard to make available.

This website, CanadaGenWeb, is the national country site - it has only information that pertains to Canada-wide resources. For province, territory, or local resources or information you will need to visit the GenWeb that covers that area.

If you have a place name but aren't sure where in Canada it is, see our Canadian research F.A.Q. for links to place name websites.

On the GenWeb closest to your area of research.  You're more likely to get better results if you post to a query board dedicated to the area where your ancestor lived.

If, for example, you are seeking someone in Halifax you should post on the Halifax query board, not the Nova Scotia board and definitely not on the Canada board.

Please allow at least a week before assuming you won't get a reply. We volunteer during our free time, not 24/7. 

If you don't hear back immediately, please be patient. Don't send another message - it just adds to the pile and won't prompt a reply any faster.  If you still haven't received a reply after three weeks, let us know who you contacted, the name of the GenWeb, and when you sent your initial message.

Go to the CanadaGenWeb page or project where you wish to submit information. Each page or project that accepts submissions will have instructions available. When in doubt, contact the webmaster of that specific page or project.

We have a three tier website structure:
Tier 1: CanadaGenWeb, the national website which links to...
Tier 2: The province/territory GenWebs and special projects which links to...
Tier 3: Regional and local GenWebs

Like a zoom-in feature you start looking at all of Canada, then you zoom in to view the province or territory, then you can zoom in further to view a specific region within a province or territory. Each provides information on the genealogy resources special to that area.

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