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Border Crossing Records are records of anyone who crosses the Canada/USA border and might include the name of the person crossing, their age, nationality, occupation, current or previous address, where they were travelling to and the date of exit/entry.

Until 1908 people could freely cross the border so no records were made by Canada.  The USA however started keeping border crossing records in 1895.

Canada records only those who enter the country, while the USA records both those who enter the USA and those who exit.

  • Entering Canada 1894-1905, British Columbia, $ Ancestry
  • Entering Canada 1908-1918, Library & Archives Canada
  • Entering Canada 1908-1935, $ Ancestry
  • Entering Canada 1919-1924, Library & Archives Canada
  • Entering Canada 1925-1935, Library & Archives Canada
  • Entering Canada 1925-1935, Library & Archives Canada
  • Leaving Canada 1895-1956, FamilySearch
  • Leaving Canada 1895-1960, $ Ancestry
  • Leaving Canada 1904-1954, $ Ancestry
  • Leaving Canada 1905-1963, Detroit, $ Ancestry
  • Blue Water Bridge, Point Edward/Sarnia, Ontario Copyright © A.EllacottCanada / USA border crossing, Blue Water Bridge, Point Edward, Ontario

    It's also possible to request records of your own trips across the border. The Canada Border Services Agency offers a Travel History Report of entries into Canada from the year 2000.

    US Customs and Border Protection also offers a travel history report for the past five years, and records starting from 1982 onward can be requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).