Canada's Genealogy Records

Genealogy resources in Canada are held at several levels:

National: Canada-wide resources that cover every province and territory that existed at the time the resource was created.  These resources were collected by and/or are held by the federal government.

Provincial / Territorial: Resources that cover an entire province or territory as it existed at the time the resource was created. These resources are held by the provincial or territorial government.

Regional: Resources that cover a specific area such as a county, district, shire or municipality. These records can be held by the municipal government, transferred to the provincial/territorial government, or somewhere else.

Local: Resources for a specific village, town or city. As with regional records, local records can be held in various places.

Some resources are available at more than one level depending on when they were collected and who requested the information.

National / Federal resources are outlined here on this website. Information regarding Provincial, Territorial, Regional and Local resources can be found on our Province and Territory GenWebs.