Volunteers Needed at CanadaGenWeb

Coordinators Needed for:

  • AlbertaGenWeb
  • ManitobaGenWeb
  • Québec GenWeb
  • Yukon GenWeb

  • A CanadaGenWeb coordinator is a volunteer who oversees a specific area or special project.  A coordinator is responsible for maintaining a website specific to their area or project, obtaining and organizing information, and managing any volunteers they recruit to assist with their objective.

    CanadaGenWeb Coordinator Requirements:
    • Knowledge of the area you coordinate. While volunteers are not expected to be experts in their area of choice, it is expected that coordinators have some personal experience conducting genealogy research in the area they host. A GenWeb site is generally used by researchers hoping to learn more about their area of research, so coordinators need to know enough to answer questions or point researchers in the direction they need. 
    • A basic understanding of how to create, edit & maintain a web page. Coordinators are expected to obtain webspace*, create the website (or modify an existing website), and keep it up-to-date with current information pertaining to the topic at hand.  Using a blog instead of website is permissable. [*Free web space is available if needed].
    • E-Mail contact.  E-mail is the primary method of communication across CanadaGenWeb and it's expected that all volunteers reply to any GenWeb-related messages within 14 days. As a volunteer for CanadaGenWeb you represent the entire project with your website and responses to enquiries. Please respond to all enquiries with respect.
          - If you are going to be away for an extended period (more than two weeks), it is your responsibility to ensure someone can answer GenWeb related enquiries on your behalf. If you can't answer the question, pass it along to someone who may.
          - Volunteers are also responsible for notifying their managing coordinator of any address changes (e-mail and website URL) within 7 days of them taking effect. If messages from your managing coordinator go unanswered it will be assumed that you've abandoned your position and a new volunteer will be sought.
    • Volunteer Only. All CanadaGenWeb volunteers are expected to offer their time and expertise voluntarily.  A GenWeb website or volunteer position cannot be used to solicit clients or sell personal services.  Volunteers are NOT expected to do research. Your role is to advise and point researchers in the right direction so they can conduct their own research. If you wish to do more you are welcome to do so but it must be done voluntarily, no fees can be charged.
    • GenWeb inheritence. The CanadaGenWeb Project is supported entirely by volunteers and is intended to be a permanent home on the Internet for genealogical data pertaining to Canada. So that our visitors can enjoy and benefit from this data for years to come, we do ask that if you decide that you no longer wish to coordinate a GenWeb website, that you leave it in place for the next coordiantor. This will ensure continuity of the Project and the preservation of all existing data and links. When you volunteer to host a CGW site, please remember that you are volunteering for the Project and the GenWeb site is not intended to be a personal genealogy site.
    CanadaGenWeb Website Requirements:
    • CanadaGenWeb Logo - A CanadaGenWeb logo must be prominently displayed on the main page. Each page within your GenWeb should also be clearly marked as a GenWeb page.
    • Area or Project Specific Information - General information about genealogy resources specific to the area or special project the GenWeb site covers
    • Links to...
       - CanadaGenWeb (http://canadagenweb.org). If a regional page, a link to the Provincial or Territorial GenWeb is also required.
       - Other websites specific to your area or topic that may assist genealogists or historians. All links must be treated as equal, no website or organization should receive preferential treatment.  When linking to any commercial or "for-fee" sites, it is recommended that they be clearly labeled as such. This could be accomplished in one of several ways, including having a separate page specifically for these links, or by denoting each of these sites with a $ and placing a footnote at the on the bottom of the page that states: "* These sites may offer paid services or resources and are not financially associated with the CanadaGenWeb Project." The main goal is to avoid giving visitors to CanadaGenWeb sites the impression that the Project is involved in any for-profit activities.
    • Queries - A queries page or a link to a query board specific to the area or topic
    • Volunteer Information - A page outlining volunteer opportunities or a link to other GenWeb volunteer opportunities
    • Map and / or History of the area if your GenWeb is specific to an area of Canada
    • Neutrality. A GenWeb site must be neutral and welcoming to all. Please refrain from any political, religious or other personal statements on your GenWeb site.
    • Additional pertinent information. The requirements above are the bare minimum, please use your knowledge and discretion to include additional information about your area or special project that would be beneficial to researchers.
    CanadaGenWeb Website Content Tips:
    • Long Distance Researchers - Not everyone is able to travel to conduct genealogy research. Many have little to no knowledge of the area where their ancestors resided. When creating content keep this in mind. What should someone from another country need to know to find their ancestors in your area?
    • Don't reinvent the wheel - If information is available elsewhere, link to it. Save your time and energy for content that isn't readily available elsewhere.
    • Localize links - If linking to other websites, keep it simple and focus only on those specific to your area or topic. For Canada-wide resources, link to CanadaGenWeb instead. For province-wide resources, link to the Province or Territory GenWeb. 
    • Localize content - Include links to or addresses of genealogy groups & societies; A list of history books and publications specific to your area or topic; Local genealogy or history events; A list of newspapers, when they were published and where they are now located; Pioneer families who arrived in the area within its first 20 years of settlement; Places of genealogical or historical interest that visitors to your area should not miss

    Volunteer F.A.Q.

    Who is the managing coordinator?

    - If you are a provincial or territorial GenWeb coordinator, your managing coordinator would be the CanadaGenWeb coordinator

    - If you are a regional GenWeb coordinator or volunteer, your managing coordinator would be the Province or Territory GenWeb coordinator

    - If you are a special projects volunteer, your managing coordinator would be the coordinator of that specific special project

    Who do I contact if my e-mail address has changed?

    Your managing coordinator (see previous question).

    I'm going to be away and unable to respond to e-mail, will this get me removed as a volunteer?

    If you know you're going to be away, contact your managing coordinator and let them know before you leave.  This lets the coordinator know you're still active and not to expect a response until you return.

    How quickly will a managing coordinator assume a volunteer has abandoned their position?

    Managing coordinators must send a minimum of three requests for contact over a 90 day period before assuming a position has been abandoned. If all three requests go unanswered and the volunteer doesn't get in touch during that 90 day period, the position will then be considered abandoned.

    I no longer wish to volunteer, how do I resign?

    Please do not abandon your position! If you no longer wish to volunteer, or find that you no longer have the time needed to do the job properly, contact your managing coordinator and resign.  Do NOT hand the website over to anyone else without first discussing it with your managing coordinator, and please do NOT delete the website. GenWebs are meant to be passed on.

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